silly boy

hey hey ♥
Here is a song by Eva Simons - silly boy

do not know why I write in English in this post but, but ..

but wait, I have a little contest on this post!
who can translate this text best wins a chaining + picture in a week in my menu.

Yesterday, it was Swedish idol, eh anyone saw it?
so sorry for the girl as she cried a lot and really had to go in twice and then she did not come with, and it was her dream.

But I liked that she was the first.
Sweet Durner had waited 5 years to be so with the idol.
- And then only, a so-aa, Assa just omg.
HAHA wonderful.

good luck with the translation.

Postat av: LINDA - []

Hehe, jadå. :D Själv? :)

2009-09-09 @ 14:56:42

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